At one time, the mother used to mix water with the milk of the needy child, today she earns several lakhs


BanglaHunt Desk: Hale Mone Rotti, a popular fast food company in Mangalore, is no ordinary entrepreneur. When Shilpa, who emerged from extreme poverty, first started her business in 2015, she did not have enough money, nor did she have any experience or education in traditional hospitality management. The business he started by capitalizing on his indomitable will now earns millions a month.

Over the past five years, Shilpa's business has been so successful that she has been invited to tell her life story and teach business through reputable educational institutions such as the WelcomeGroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration.

“I had no money and very little savings. I didn’t want to go back home, but due to my lack of education and lack of work experience it was that I struggled to get a good job. There was a time when I had to add water to my son's milk, “said Shilpa.

Shilpa added, “Every time I went to give an interview for a job as a receptionist, cook, cleaner or salesman, everyone would ask me about my husband. Instead of sympathy, I got slanted comments. ”

Shilpa opened a mobile canteen in 2015 and will work near educational institutions, offices and malls. Mother Chiranjeevi also quit her job and joined. He kept the rates lower than in hotels so that everyone could afford to eat there. Over time, the popularity of its mobile canteen has grown and today, most of its clients are professionals, physicians and students working in the IT sector. He earns Rs 5,000 per day and earns about a few lakhs per month.