At the age of 18, he sent all his money from Arabia to his mother by eating pulses and rice.


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: How many videos go viral every day? But recently a video has gone viral which has brought tears to the eyes. The 16-year-old expatriate teenager sent the full amount of his hard-earned money to his mother. He eats boiled pulses, rice and potatoes.

18 years old mischievous. Studying in school and college, spending days hanging out with friends. Those who go to work to earn money for family reasons also spend a large part of their earnings on luxuries. But the exception is Rashed of Bangladesh. Many people have to take the helm of the world due to family reasons. But Rashed is an exception.

Rashed said on a Facebook page called 'Expatriate Bangladeshi' that he earned about 36,000 rupees in Bangladeshi currency. He sent at least 24,000 rupees to his mother. Do not recharge the phone to save money. All communication is done with WiFi.

Rashed said that even though he ate fish and meat for the first time in Saudi Arabia, at the moment he has given it all up to save money. Day after day he spends his time eating boiled pulses, rice and potatoes.

He said his younger brother would have to educate him. Sister has to get married so send almost all of her earnings to the country. He managed to get food abroad at a nominal cost. He does not waste a single penny.

Abroad, he misses his mother the most. He said that he did so much for his mother. He even said in the interview that he did not have a penny in his pocket at that time. Watch the viral video