At the age of 6, the father fell in love and married the son; There is a lot of praise around the viral picture


viral photo: Age is not a matter of love, we often hear this. This proverb has been proved true by the young Kanti Pal who surprised everyone by marrying his girlfriend Swapna Roy at the age of 7.

This marriage became more special as Shaon, the son of young Kanti, gave this marriage by himself. She even uploaded wedding photos on social media. Which has gone wildly viral at the moment.

Shawn said his mother died 10 years ago. After that Dad was quite alone, the rest of the family was with us, but Dad's life was empty after Mom left. Everyone felt this loneliness of his.

Shawn said his father and new mother Swapna Roy met at a family function. It was here that the conversation between the two went ahead, but the two lost contact after the ceremony, then suddenly a few months later, Swapna Roy's phone rang to say that they had proposed marriage.

Shawn has brought the whole incident of this exceptional marriage to the attention of the net neighborhood. Also uploaded this wedding photo. Which has gone viral in Netpara. Everyone in the netizens praised Shaon. They also wished the newlyweds well.