At the age of 69, the old woman is making masks day and night to serve the country


Many ordinary people in the world have extended a helping hand to defeat the Corona virus itself. One of them in India is Maya Sharma. He is a resident of Jaipur, Rajasthan. Despite being so old, he has worked day and night to make seven hundred to eight hundred masks for the poor.

Corona virus terror is now haunting everyone day and night. The Corona virus, which spread from China, has already reached the world as a death knell. Almost all countries are now living in panic. And everyone is now voluntarily under house arrest.

She said we have always seen our mother help others. His nature is that if he has ten rupees and if someone in need comes and asks for eight rupees, then he will give the money and run the family with only 2 rupees that he has. Maya has stood by many poor people before. To help them, they made sweaters in the winter so that the poor people would not suffer. But

Maya did not learn sewing from anywhere, nor did she take any course. He learns all these things just by observing it. After the lock down on the 25th, the mask is made with the cloth in the house with great difficulty. And then many neighbors help with their clothes. And with that it is possible to make a mask. About eighteen to twenty masks are made from one meter of cloth. And this cloth is washed and cleaned well then the mask is made with regular machine.