At the same time, Tarun stunned Netpara in a fake, viral video of multiple voices


BanglaHunt Desk, Viral Video: In Netpara, sometimes all such videos go viral (viral video) which netizens are amazed to see. This time, a young man named Samapan Mishra won the hearts of netizens by imitating more than one voice at the same time. He mimicked a completely wireless show in the video.

Even before that, the young man with the mixed name has gone viral on Netdunia due to his talent. The young man won the hearts of the net by imitating the voices of men and women in the famous play 'Paka Dekha'. This time he brought a video with a completely different taste. Where he is seen mimicking a complete radio show. He has published a video of the entire fictional show on social media YouTube, imitating the radio jockey in male and female voices, imitating radio advertisements and imitating the voices of various listeners calling on the radio program.

In the video, the young man surprised the audience by changing his throat one by one in a moment. He started the video by making the throat of the female radio jockey impeccable. After a while, one surprise after another. He has imitated the tunes and voices of various advertisements aired on the radio. But this is not the end. There are more surprises left, he is also seen imitating the voices of men and women of different ages who call on radio programs.

The video went viral on social media. The comment box of his YouTube channel overflowed with praise Net laying is blessing this talent of the youth. However, the young man said, the whole show is fiction. It is unintentional to match any event.