At whose direction did Sushant's autopsy investigation in a hurry at night? Explosive information leaked to doctors!


The CBI has started a probe into the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. On the one hand, just as they are interrogating several people, on the other hand, the doctors at Cooper Hospital who are conducting postmortem of the actor are also interrogating them.

A team of four AIIMS doctors has been formed on behalf of the CBI to look into Sushant's autopsy report. The actor's autopsy is being conducted at Cooper Hospital. But the time of death was not mentioned in that report. Mumbai police later wanted to know the time of the actor's death from the doctors. Doctors answered him on August 5.

According to media reports, Sushant died 10-12 hours before the autopsy. The autopsy was conducted on June 14 at 11:30 pm. But what was the need for a hasty autopsy so late at night? Responding to a question from the CBI, the doctors said they did so on the instructions of the Mumbai police.

On the other hand, a CBI team has also collected CCTV footage of Sushant's flat, which is believed to help unravel the mystery in the case. The footage will be sent to the forensic lab. Forensic experts there will check to see if any cuts have been made to the footage.

Incidentally, one of Sushant's neighbors has claimed that the actor usually does not sleep before 4 am. So the light in his house was on almost all night. But on the night of the 13th, between 10: 30-10: 45, all the lights in his flat went out. Only the kitchen light was on. It doesn't happen every day. However, the actor's neighbor said that there was no party that night.