Ather 450X to become costlier from June 1, there is still a chance to save up to Rs 32,500


1 जून से महंगा हो जाएगा Ather 450X, अब भी है 32,500 रुपये तक बचाने का मौका

Image credit source: Ather

Ather 450X Price: Ather Energy has given official information that the company is going to increase the price of its electric scooter. Why is the price of Ather 450X increasing and when will it increase Scooter price of? Let’s know.

Ather 450X Price

Ather Energy has announced that the price of this electric scooter is going to increase from June 1, 2023, because the central government has announced a cut in subsidy. Let us tell you that after getting the benefit of subsidy, the price of this scooter in New Delhi is Rs 98,079, the thing to note is that this is the ex-showroom price of this scooter.

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Through a post through Ather’s official Twitter and Facebook account, customers are being informed that by May 31, 2023, you can save up to Rs 32,500 on this electric scooter. But at the same time it has also been made clear that you will get the benefit of savings only till the time the company has stock.

Through this post, the company is informing the customers that before the subsidy is cut, you can take advantage of the existing FAME-II subsidy.

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Let us inform that earlier the government was giving subsidy of 30 thousand on scooters in 2019, which doubled in 2021 and customers started getting subsidy of 60 thousand, but now the subsidy will be reduced to 22 thousand.

Features of Ather 450X

In this Ather scooter, you will get great features like smart dashboard user interface, riding modes, parking assist, Google Maps integration and auto hold. The top speed of this scooter that comes with a certified range of 146 km is 90km/hr.

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