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We all use ATMs, but it is very important to use ATMs properly. Many people are not able to use ATMs in the right way, here we will talk ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale And ATM Kya Hai? It is very important to have the information of ATM correctly. Withdraw money from ATMs, but we make such mistakes because of which you become a victim of fraud. ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikaalte Hain Read the article till the end for its complete information. There was a time when we used to go to the bank and stand in the line for withdrawal or deposit. But ever since ATM usage has started, our work has become easier. ATM Kaise Use Karte Hain For this you will have to swipe your ATM card. You have to be very careful while swipe.

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ATM Se Paisa Kaise Nikala Jata Hai Everyone knows this, but ATM Me Card Kaise Dale is also the right way to do this. Whenever you use ATM, you must insert the card. Keep in mind that ATM Use Karne Ka Tarika is that you must cancel the card while taking it out. ATM Kaise Use Karen Stay on post for information about this. Atm Use Kaise Kare There are many people who are unaware of ATM facility. This post is for those people who do not know how ATM Kya Hai, ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale and ATM work.

If you want to know what is the meaning of ATM? (What Is ATM In Hindi), then you do not have to go anywhere because whatever information you need about ATM In Hindi, we will provide it to you here. Stay tuned with us to know ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikalte Hain and if you too have ATM Se Paise Nikalna and ATM Card Use Kaise Kare, then read this post till the end.

ATM Kya Hai

ATM (Automated Teller Machine) is a computerized machine that allows us to withdraw money instantly without going to the bank. It is connected to our bank and with the help of our ATM card we can withdraw money. ATM not only allows us to withdraw money, but also allows us to deposit money. The use of ATM has made our money deposit and Withdrawal works quite convenient.

To withdraw money, we do not have to search the ATMs of our own bank, instead we can withdraw money from ATMs near any bank, we have given information about ATM Se Paise Kaise Nikale Jaate Hain and ATM Kaise Chalate Hain. Here you know ATM Meaning In Hindi (definition of ATM) and ATM Kaise Kaam Karta Hai. Now we tell you what is the full form of ATM.

ATM Ka Full Form

ATM Full Form is – “Automated Teller Machine”. ATM Full Form In Hindi – “Automatic Scorer Machine”.

What is ATM called in Hindi? You know this Let us now know what are the types of ATM Kaisa Hota Hai and ATM?

ATM Se Paise Nikalne Ka Tarika

To withdraw money from an ATM, you must first insert your card into the ATM machine. After that you will have some options, following which you enter the password of four digits. After a few seconds your money will come out. After that, take out your ATM, press the Cancel button as well.

ATM Ki Jankari Hindi Me

First of all, let us tell you that ATM Ka Avishkar Kisne Kiya was? John Shepherd Barron invented this automatic calculator machine in the year 1960.

If you talk about the work of ATM, then it is understood that its main function is to give the user the mentioned amount immediately. Apart from ATMs, we have insurance (Insurance) Can also pay premiums, send money from one account to another, pay bills, make purchases, and do a lot of work.

ATM Ke Prakar has 8 in India. Types Of ATM is in Hindi:

  • White Label ATM- The ATM which is owned and operated by a non-banking company is called White Label ATM.
  • Brown Label ATM- The ATM which is operated by a third party and not leased by the bank, which has leased it, is called Brown Label ATM.
  • Offsite ATM- Those ATMs operated outside the bank premises, such as malls, residential societies, etc., are called Offsite ATMs.
  • Onsite ATM (On-Site ATM) – ATMs that operate inside the bank premises are called Onsite ATMs.

This was the detailed information of ATM Ke Prakar, for your convenience.


ATM has made the process of withdrawing money with us quite easy and it is easily found in almost every other street, so that we do not have to go very far and our work is done quickly.

So friends, this was the complete information of ATM in Hindi. Hopefully by reading this post you must have understood that ATM Ka Matlab Kya Hota Hai and ATM Kaise Kaam Karta Hai. If you liked our ATM Information In Hindi, then definitely share it with your friends and if you have any question for us, write it in the comment and tell us.

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