Attempts are being made to tarnish the image of Mahesh Bhatt's family in court against Bauma Louviana

Banglahunt Desk: Mauma Bhatt's image is being ruined by Bauma Luviena Lodh. The Bhat family has approached the court to take action against the actress. The Bhat family approached the Mumbai City Sessions Court with multiple demands, including a ban on Louvaina.

About Mahesh BhattGneHis wife, actress Louvina Lodh, is trying to tarnish the image of the director. The Bhat family has appealed for a ban on Louvaina on such allegations. Mahesh's sister Kumkum Sehgal and nephew Sahil Sehgal also demanded a written apology and Rs 90 lakh compensation.

Not only that, the Bhat family has also brought charges against Sumit Savarval, Louvina's husband, the nephew of the director, for being involved in a drug ring. Kumkum and Sahil Sehgal said that at one time Sumit used to work in Mahesh Bhatt's company. They were also happy with his work and gave him a flat in Versova. On the other hand, Mahesh Bhatt is also preparing to file a defamation suit against Louvina.

In a video message a few days ago, Luviana slammed Mahesh Bhatt, saying, “The biggest don in the industry is Mahesh Bhatt. He runs the whole system. He turned his life into hell if he did not follow his rules. He has ruined the lives of many people by taking away their jobs. One of his phone calls made people lose their jobs. ”

“Ever since I filed the case against him, he has been trying to break into my house and evict me,” he said. No one even wanted to take my complaint. No action has been taken yet. He even mentioned the names of Kumkum and Sahil Sehgal in the allegation.