Aurangabad Accident: With the money the government is giving now, our family would have survived.


Banglahant Desk: The wife of the victim of the Aurangabad train accident told a heartbreaking story. Pushpa Singh withdrew one thousand rupees from the self-help group and sent it to her husband Birgendra Singh so that she could return to the country. Pushpa Singh's husband Birgendra Singh was one of the workers killed in a train accident in Aurangabad, Maharashtra on Friday, May 8.

Many workers are the victims of this accident

A total of four people from Umaria district, Panchayat Maman were killed in the accident, three of whom were residents of Nusa village. Due to the lockdown, there was no work in the village, not even land to farm. And a year after the birth of the daughter, at the instruction of his wife, he went to the city to earn money so that the daughter could study and do something.

Five lakh rupees financial assistance to the victims

However, the governments of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have announced a grant of Rs 5 lakh to all those killed. Discussions are going on about the return of migrant workers and workers. Workers have run special trains, buses have run.

Pushpar's sad story

Millions of people are also trapped in this lockdown, it is not possible for them to stay there. If the government had driven the car, my husband would have returned home alive with less money. ” “The company has been closed since the lockdown. The contractor deducted all the food money from the money he received last month and said that you have to pay five hundred rupees more but you can leave. I sent money from my savings so that the contractor could come back and tell Pushpa to cry.

Birgendra Singh went to Aurangabad four months ago.