Aussie head coach Justin Langer gave a special message about the absence of Kohli-Sami


Bangla Hunt Desk: India vs Australia 2nd Test match (India vs Australia 2nd Test match) is starting from tomorrow. And India captain Virat Kohli is not in this Boxing Day Test. Virat Kohli has returned to the country on paternity leave after playing the first Test. Also, Mohammad Sami, one of India's best bowlers, has been ruled out of the entire Test series due to a hand injury sustained in the first Test. Australia's head coach Justin Langer acknowledged that the absence of the two would be a boon to Australia.

The second Test between India and Australia starts tomorrow in Melbourne. India captain Virat Kohli and Mohammad Sami are not in this Test match. In other words, Team India, led by Ajinkya Rahane, will play the second Test without two reliable cricketers like Kohli and Sami. Justin Langer said that the Indian team will be in the backfoot at least a little bit.

“If any team doesn't have the best cricketers in the team, that team is mentally retarded,” Langer said. The Indian team does not have Virat Kohli as its mainstay, nor does it have reliable bowlers like Mohammad Sami. Justin Langer also acknowledged that the absence of the two was an advantage for Australia. “