Aussie skipper Tim Paine dismissed Michael Clarke in the context of Kohli.


Obtained by Aussie captain Michael Clarke a few days ago, most Australian cricketers play IPL at the moment, and that is why Aussie cricketers are scared to squeeze Virat Kohli. Because they are afraid of hitting the big Kohli if the IPL deal goes out of their hands.

Speaking of this, the good cricket field has a long identity of Aji cricket, which is broken in the cricketing language, in a variety of ways, the cricketers who broke the attitude of the cricketers of the opposition by doing different physical activities. But at the moment the opposition does not see sledging that way, and if the opponent is India then it is not at all.

In 2018-19, when the Indian team, led by Virat Kohli, won the first 2-1 Test series on Australian soil, World Cup-winning Aussie captain Michael Clarke on that test series said that the cricketers of this Aussie team are scared to slam Virat Kohli at the moment because they all know. Then they have to play IPL. In this regard, Tim Paine, the current captain of Australia's Test cricket team, told Michael Clarke that when the Aussie bowlers go to the big Kohli ball, they do not say no to anyone in the IPL game, everyone wants to get Kohli out soon. However, not to slam Virat Kohli, Tim Paine said: “We decided in the team meeting that we would not slaughter Virat Kohli more, because we all know that he becomes more fearful when he gets angry.” That is why no ODI cricketer has slammed Virat Kohli in that Test series. '

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