Australia also wants to investigate in Uhan Lab, threatened China

BanglaHunt Desk: For the past few days, China has been threatening Australia. Australia wanted an international panel to be set up to investigate the corona virus. And let the whole world know about the corona virus. But the Chinese government does not want any organization or person to suddenly go there and observe.

But Australia is no exception. Separately they were continuing this claim in different cases. The Chinese government has warned Australia that if it does not stop, it will take “severe action” against China. First, the Chinese government will stop importing coal from them, targeting Australia's oil reserves. Second, the Chinese government is threatening to cut off সাহায্য 10-12 billion in aid to Chinese students in Australia. But despite that, Australia does not want to back down.

Australia's counterattack is proving to be how a small country is giving a worthy answer to China. “China cannot stop us with threats,” he said. We are not Africa or Pakistan, we are afraid of China's threat. We will continue to demand this. In the South China Sea, China was changing its strategy and illegally entering their ships. In protest, the United States is sending militant groups to retaliate against China.

Australia is currently sending warships with the United States to fight China. Australia also sent a message to China that the whole of America is with Australia. Whatever their problem, Australia will get America by their side. As a result, China is now being cornered. China can do nothing now against Australia.