Australia Cricket Board in extreme financial crisis! 5% of the workers were sent on leave because they could not pay.


Right now, the Corona virus is spreading all over the world. This time, Coronet was in cricket but no cricketer was attacked. This time for Corona, Nazehal is all about Australian cricket. The Australian cricket board's financial infrastructure is completely broken in lockdown. At the moment, the financial condition of the Australian Cricket Board has become so miserable that even the staff cannot pay their salary properly. The Australian Cricket Board has to give a free hand to pay the staff.

Eighty-five percent of their staff have been sent on leave on behalf of the Australian Cricket Board due to the severe financial crisis. It is reported that all those employees will be on leave till June 30. During that time, vacation workers will receive only 20 percent of their total pay.

Although the cricket world knows the Australian Cricket Board is financially sound, the Australian Cricket Board is in financial crisis right now due to the lockdown. Cricket Australia is financially prosperous after India's BCCI and the England Cricket Board. The Australian Cricket Board has reported that a series of Australian matches have been canceled due to the lockdown, but this year the T20 World Cup is on Australian soil. So a lot of money has already been spent on the Australia Cricket Board to fix the World Cup infrastructure. That is why the decision of the Australian Cricket Board.

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