Australian Ambassador calls Prime Minister Narendra Modi 'Super Human'! Said, your work is commendable


Bengali Hunt Desk: Corona virus has spread all over the world from China. The power of the corona virus is evident in the fact that many of the world's most powerful nations have succumbed to the epidemic. And India is constantly fighting against this deadly virus. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not only won the hearts of the people of the country, but also the people of the world by fighting against Corona.

The manner in which Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced a timely lockdown in the country to break the corona chain and put in place a variety of activities to encourage corona fighters is being lauded all over the world. Barry O’Farrell, the Australian Ambassador to India, was inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and called him a superhuman.

In an interview with state-run news channel DD, Barry said Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is like a superhuman. The way Prime Minister Modi is fighting against Corona is commendable. He said that Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of the second largest country in the world in terms of population. The way he is taking the time to communicate with world leaders on a daily basis during this crisis is admirable.

Let me tell you, Ramesh Ramachandran, senior editor of DD India, posted a video of Barry and Freyl on Twitter. In the video, Barry said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had talked to Australian Prime Minister Morrison about the Corona problem. The two countries have since agreed to conduct joint research against corona.