Australian PM wants to make khichuri after Singara, misses 'Modi Hug'


The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison has tagged the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for making Singara. At the end of today's meeting, he also expressed his desire to make khichuri. He also said that he missed the embrace of the Prime Minister of India. The Prime Minister of Australia was found in such a light mood today.

The meeting will discuss a number of proposals on trade and defense. The main objective of the meeting is to enhance mutual cooperation between the two countries.

This is the first time that Modi is going to sit with the Prime Minister of another country in a virtual meeting. This meeting is very important to overcome the economic crisis in Corona. Incidentally, this is the fifth Morrison-Modi meeting in the last 18 months.

For the first time, the Prime Minister of Australia was found in a very light mood at the India-Australia virtual meeting. He said that he misses 'Modi Hug' and also misses Khichuri. Scott Morrison said they owe it to him at the next meeting.