Authorities will sell soap shampoo medicines on the platform for the convenience of passengers, an innovative initiative of Indian Railways


BanglaHunt Desk: Indian Railways has taken an innovative initiative for the convenience of passengers. Passengers arriving at Nizamuddin, Delhi, Anand Bihar as well as New Delhi railway stations will get their essentials. Food court, automatic vending machine, cream, soap, shampoo, medicine and various personal vending machines will also be installed. Passengers can buy it if necessary.

LED TV will be installed

A 16.5-inch LED TV will be installed on the platform for the convenience of passengers waiting for the long train. The railway authorities decided to install this TV for the convenience of the passengers. Passengers can avail this facility for free.

There will also be cheap drug stores

There are also cheap drug stores for the convenience of the passengers. The drug store has been opened at Anand Bihar railway station under the pilot project. Later this shop will also be opened at Nizamuddin, Sarai Kale Khan, Old Delhi, Sarai Rohila station. Passengers will be able to buy medicines from there if they need to.

Vending machine will be installed

There has been a slight change in the closed catering policy in Corona. From now on, passengers will be able to eat other foods besides fruit juice with the help of vending machines on every platform. Besides, daily use soap and shampoo will also be kept at the station. Passengers can buy it if necessary. There will also be entertainment inside the train.

There are also special arrangements for the elderly

The new plan of the railway authorities has a special arrangement for the senior citizens. Battery rickshaws will be used at the station for the convenience of senior citizens. Which will be charged at Rs 50 per passenger. However, as per the railway authorities, this will result in revenue collection of around Rs 51.84 lakh per annum. This will also benefit the railway authorities.