Avoid Invoice? Prepare the car like this before going on a trip


Summer Vacation Tips: चालान से बचना है? ट्रिप पर जाने से पहले कार को ऐसे करें तैयार

Summer Vacation Tips: Avoid Invoices? Prepare the car like this before going on a tripImage Credit source: Freepik

In summer vacations most of the people plan trips to mountains and prefer to go in their personal car. As you know mountain trips are not that easy and if your car is not ready for the trip then you have to There can also be loss. before going on a trip The way food and clothes are prepared, in the same way the car is also prepared. In this, you should take care of many things in the car.

Today we will tell you here what things should be taken care of in the car before going on the trip and what you should keep with you. After this your trip will be fun and there will be no tension of challan.

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check tire pressure

Tire pressure should be taken care of according to the season, in which a little less air is filled in the tires in the summer season and a little more air is filled in the winter season. Accurate air should be filled in the tires of your car.

It is very important to have a spare tire in the car

By the way, you should always keep a spare tire in your car, not only while going on a trip. The spare tire comes in handy in case of any emergency. You should fill more than 5psi air in the spare tyre, due to which the air in the tire supports you for a long time.

Do not forget to keep PUC Certificate, if not, then a hefty challan will be deducted.

It is very important to keep all the documents of the car before going on the trip. It is most important to keep the pollution certificate in the car along with the license. In such a situation, check your pollution certificate carefully, if it is expired then the police can deduct your challan. . Note that if you do not get a new certificate made within 5 days of the pollution certificate expiring, then you may have to pay an invoice.

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