Awesome technology! Rangin is the panchali of Ray's path


BanglaHunt Desk: Satyajit's Pather Panchali on Subrata Mitra's camera. A unique addition to Bengali cinema. This film is a wonder to the movie lovers in the shadow of the village river field of Bengal, which is highly acclaimed all over the world. Many people had a latent desire to see this 'cult' movie in color. This time Rakib Rana, a video editor from Bangladesh, has fulfilled that wish.

With the help of technology, Rana has colored several timeless scenes of Pather Panchali. Colorized versions of black-and-white footage have recently gained worldwide popularity. This time Pather Panchali was added to that section.

In February, Russian YouTuber Denis Shirayev published a color version of the 1896 Lumier brothers' The Arrival of a Train. Since then, he has been coloring black-and-white documentary footage from cities like Paris, England, Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Sukumar's son was attracted to the novel while drawing the cover of Bibhutibhushan's book 'Aam Antir Vepu' (part of Pather Panchali). Then he painted the cover of the famous company. Then Subrata Mitra and a few others went down to make pictures. Pather Panchali is a new turning point in the history of Bengali cinema. As Akira Kurosawa says about the film, not watching Ray's movies means living on earth without seeing the moon and sun.