Azam Khan played a big blow! Yogi government is taking back 60 acres of land of Johar University

Bangla Hunt Desk: Samajwadi Party MP Mohammad Azam Khan is not taking the name of lessening the problem. On Saturday, Azam Khan played another jerk from ADM JP Gupta's court. The court has ordered the transfer of 60.05 hectares of Johar Trust land to the Uttar Pradesh government. This land was in the name of Azam Khan's Johar Trust for so long. The then SDM investigated the case of Sadar Johar Trust. The case was filed in the ADM court. And this time ADM JP Gupta has heard his order.

Please be informed that Johar University bought more than 80 hectares of land in defiance of the law. Azam Khan's university was allowed to buy only 12.5 acres of land. The ADM court found Johar Trust guilty of non-compliance. Government lawyer Ajay Tiwari said the land would be snatched from the Johar Trust and registered with the state government.

Azam Khan's University took 180 acres of land, but no law was enacted by the then Uttar Pradesh government to buy the land. Azam Khan himself did not follow the conditions and rules as a public representative. According to the investigation report, the Johar University was working on the land of the Johar Trust, but the trust has not done any work in the last 10 years. The court took this decision because of the ban on buying land.