Baba Raj Chakraborty shared a new picture of his son on Viral Social Media at the moment

Banglahant Desk: New photo of Yuvan Chakraborty, the youngest son of Raj Chakraborty and Subhashree Ganguly, is viral again. The age is barely a month. Right now, Yuvan will beat many stars in popularity. He has become a small star since birth.

Director Raj Chakraborty has shared a new picture of the boy. When he wakes up in the morning, Yuvan says good morning to everyone. Sunlight is falling on the small face, tiny gloves are falling on the hands. This picture of Yuvan is now viral on Netdunia.
On October 12, Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree's son Yuvan completed one month.

Raj and Shubhshree both shared a picture on the occasion of their son's birthday. In the picture, it is seen that Yuvan is sleeping peacefully holding his mother's finger. Sharing the photo, Raj wrote, ‘Mother-son relationship. From the moment she came into our lives, she was like a mother. '

On the other hand, Shubhshree shared the photo and wrote, ‘The reason for my survival.’ Sharing the photo has gone viral on social media. Fans filled little Evan with greetings and love.

Yuvan, the son of Raj Chakraborty and Shubhshree Ganguly, has made everyone his fans since he was born. The people of Netpara are now looking at this small diary. When you get a new picture of Yuvan from Raj or Shubhshree, there is a flood of like comments. Raj Shubhshree also shared new pictures and videos of Yuvan thinking about the fans.