Babri will be avenged! ISIS published a magazine inciting Indian Muslims

Bangla Hunt Desk: The dangerous plan of the militant organization ISIS against India has been exposed. ISIS has published a digital magazine aimed at inciting Indian Muslims and inciting them to take up arms against India. The magazine is inciting Indian Muslims to take revenge for demolishing mosques.

The magazine has been named Voice of India. In this magazine, ISIS militants are spreading in India through secret telegram channels and web. The ninth edition of the magazine is the ninth edition of the Voice of India.

This magazine has pictures associated with the Babri devastation. It is written that Babri will be avenged. The magazine says ISIS is on the side of Muslims protesting against the citizenship law. Like other editions of the magazine, it incites Indian Muslims to choose the path of jihad against the Indian government.

The digital magazine says ISIS fighters will speak out against the Babri Masjid demolition. The magazine has threatened to punish those who do not believe in ISIS's ideology.

This online magazine mentions the release of those accused of Babri massacre and urges Indian Muslims to ask, “Why are you accepting the decision of the Indian court?” The magazine called on Indian Muslims to take up arms against the Indian government.