Baby went into the watch, the police cut the clock! You viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: Mobile phones are currently deeply embedded in people's lives. And mobile means social media. Eight to eight people are now fans of social media. The Internet is bound to bind people. Thousands of videos are shared daily on various platforms of social media. In the middle of it, several videos become viral. Millions of likes and comments become one video.
Not just people but many animal videos are viral on social media. Sometimes dogs, bears and sometimes tiapic videos go viral on NetDunia. And seeing them becomes a wonder of negativity. This time, a horrific video has gone viral that has caught the eyes of netizens. Fire crews rescue a boy who is stuck in the middle of the clock.

The video shows a toddler stuck in the middle of his knee. Probably, he somehow got into the middle of the clock to play. Then get stuck in there somehow. The firefighters were called in without seeing the change. They came patiently and slowly cut the clock and turned the baby over. Fire crews were always aware that the child was not hurt.

Finally, the child was carefully released to his family. This video is now traditionally viral on social media. Many people have watched this video in earnest. Netizens also praised the work of firefighters.

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