Back to Delhi to give news of back-to-back news, family members have been beaten up!


Bangla Hunt Desk: In Rajasthan (Churu) district of Rajasthan, a family has been killed inhumanly in Sardar town. The only mistake of the family was that they introduced a person back to Delhi to the medical department. Upon receiving the notification, the team of the district administration, police and health department reached the house of the person returning to Delhi. The Joint Team sent the person back to Isolation for 5 days. After completing the 7-day isolation and returning home, the person finds out who had informed the health office against him.

Upon knowing the name, address of the person, who was initiated to the health department, the accused approached the complainant's house with about 5 to 5 people and severely beaten the complainant and his family. The accused entered the house and dragged the complainant's family members out and started beating. A complainant family member videoed the incident and released it on social media. And demanding severe punishment to the accused.

In the viral video it is seen that the accused is beaten when he crosses the border of inhumanity. Sticks, bribe are nothing. When the complainant's two sons came to save their father, he was also beaten. The complainant's daughter, who made the video after the beating, also started crying in terror.

On the other hand, the two sides have filed cases against each other at Sardar city police station. According to the information received, the aftermath of Ward No. 20 of Sardarshahr and his family were beaten up by Bimal Kumar, Kamal Kumar, Ghanshyam, Radheshyam and Lakesh Kumar in the same locality.

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