Back to the Golden Age of Ramadan: Ramayana broke all TRP records


BanglaHunt Desk: The Modi government has decided to lockdown from March 25 to 28 days, from April 25 to prevent the spread of coronary virus (COVID-19) in India. Citizens were banned from leaving their homes at this time. During this time, various people appealed to the government, in this situation, to remodel Ramayana and the Mahabharata. By obeying the words of the citizens, the government began this retransmission so that ordinary people could spend their time away from home.

Currently, this redistributed Ramayana is at the peak of popularity. TRP records say there are no other TV shows near the popularity of Ramayana at present. Ramayana is still the best serial for 25 years. Shashi Shekhar, CEO of Prasar Bharti, said in a tweet, “I like to say that Ramayana is currently at the peak of popularity despite the new broadcast. This serial has been printed in the TRP direction from the last 20 till now.

During the lockdown some old popular series reruns were shown. Among them, Doordarshan is the Mahabharata, Ramayana, Bomkesh Boxi and Circus. The popularity of this new series has brought the message of happiness to the foresight, just like ordinary people. During the lockdown, Ramayana's rebranding was started to keep people's minds fixed.

Showing this series twice a day. Despite being aired twice a day, the series has crossed the 1 million and 1 million viewers. Last Sunday it broke all the records in the series. Together, the series has seen 3 million viewers. Which is at the top of the Hindi series's TRP record after the 21st. By this it is proved that there is still a need for these continuities to the people. Visitors still like to watch such shows.

This is good news not only for the government but also for the people. And as a result of this program there is good profit of foresight. In this context, when Ramayana was held for the first time in 5, people did not leave the house at that time. At this time, as it was then, the genre has touched the hearts of the viewers.

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