Bad news for Jio customers, the benefits of 3 plans have been reduced


BanglaHunt Desk: The jio company made a fuss as soon as it came on the market. With free data and unlimited calls for Indian customers, Geo took over much of India's telecom business in its first year. But now Mukesh Ambani's company is reducing the benefits of one good plan after another.

Last month, Geo picked up their cheapest Tk 49 prepaid plan. This time without notice the benefit was reduced to 501 rupees plan. In the previous 501 taka ISD plan, where 50 MB data was available with 551 taka talk time, it will not be available from now on.

This ISD plan of Tk 501 valid for 28 days will give talk time of Tk 424.58 from now on. In other words, Geo reduced the talk time by about 125 rupees.

Besides, the facilities have also been reduced by Tk 1,101 and Tk 1,201 on international roaming plans. From now on, the talk time will be reduced by Tk 1,211 to Tk 933.05 on the Tk 1,101 recharge plan. Valid for 28 days, this plan can be used while roaming in more than 100 countries.

In addition, the Rs 1,201 plan, which is applicable for 160 countries, will now offer Rs 1,017.8 instead of Rs 1,321 talktime. This plan is also for 28 days.

In addition, Geo has given Hotstar a free subscription for one year to entertain users on lockdown. All prepaid users who recharge a Rs 401 plan, Rs 2,999 plan, 612 data vouchers, or 1208 data vouchers will get this offer for 1 year, Geo said.