Bad news for middle class: skyrocketing prices of TVs, fridges, mobiles across budget


BanglaHunt Desk: After raw materials, this time Electronics-Gadgets, the price of your favorite TV, fridge and mobile will increase in the competition of price increase. In the same lockdown, many people in the country have lost their jobs and become jobless. Although he is earning a lot of money in various ways, he is still running his family. However, while going to run the family, the forehead of the people who ate Himshim grew a fold of another thought.

At the same time, the price of raw vegetables is skyrocketing in the expensive market. Many people save a little money to fulfill their hobbies by running a family somehow. With that money, in the future, someone buys the jewelry of their choice, someone keeps it in the bank, and someone goes to the Electronics-Gadgets store. But this time the dream of buying these Electronics-Gadgets for the middle class will remain elusive.

It has been learned that the prices of washing machines, TVs, mobile phones and even refrigerators have been going up since this month due to shortage of necessary raw materials. The people of India are currently facing this problem due to the problem of importing equipment from abroad due to lockdown.

The survey says prices of aluminum and crude oil have skyrocketed in the past year. In addition, several regulations have been issued on parts imported to India from Thailand and Vietnam. In all, the price of aluminum has risen by about 5-10 per cent in the Indian market, while crude oil has risen by about 17-18 per cent.