Badger fights with 8 foot tall snake, viral video on social media


viral video: On Sunday afternoon, people in Hardoi district of Uttar Pradesh stopped to see an interesting scene. The crowd gathered to watch the eight-foot-long snake and badger face to face. This video of the fierce fight between the snake and the badger is captured on his smartphone by one of the viewers which has gone viral on the net.

Snakes and badgers are eternal enemies of each other. In the food chain, snakes are bad food. But even poisonous snakes are not to be let go. So every time the snake and the badger fight is terrible. Such a video has gone viral on social media.

After a long fight, Manguz finally loses the eight-foot-tall snake and the snake somehow manages to escape. Manguz was about to kill the snake.

In fact, a snake in a mound of soil came face to face with a badger coming from the forest. At the sight of the snake, Bezit becomes aggressive and kills. After a long fight, the snake is finally forced to accept defeat and escapes.

Crowds of people gathered to watch this fight between snakes and badgers. The video of these tense old enemies fighting has gone viral on social media.