Badrami of monkey at ATM, broken machine, viral video


BanglaHunt Desk: People can withdraw money at ATMs, this is a very common thing. But do you know that monkeys also go to ATMs? Surprising but true. During the lockdown, a monkey recently entered an ATM in South Delhi and spent some time there. And before he left, he broke some part of the ATM machine again.

Police reached the spot after getting the news of breaking the ATM

On the day of the lockdown, a phone call came to the police, the ATM was vandalized, come quickly. Before the police could arrive, the miscreant fled. To catch the thief, he had to take the help of CCTV. Where is the evil man, this is a cowboy monkey.

The monkey entered the ATM, evidence found on CCTV

As soon as the CCTV footage came to light, it became clear that neither a man nor a monkey had entered the ATM. As a result of the lockdown, the road became uninhabited and many animals and birds were seen falling on the road. Peacocks were also seen coming out in several places. But this time the monkey went straight into the ATM. After spending some time, he took a nap again. However, not being able to get out at the end, Begatik sees that the ATM machine is no longer full as he jumps.

Viral video on Netdunia

This 40-second video of the monkey's ATM vandalism went viral as soon as it came into the net world. Many also expressed their views there. Some joked that the monkey might have gone to the ATM to withdraw money. Again, someone says, the monkey went to investigate how the money came out of the ATM. However, many people did not joke about the monkey ATM vandalism during the lockdown and said in a slightly annoyed tone, the monkey does not understand how much money people need during this lockdown!