Baduria is in a miserable condition


Banglahant Desk: Basirhat (Basirhat) has arrested women and some men by conducting house-to-house searches. The police. Fear of the police has left the village empty since the incident. The children cannot find their father. So the relatives are spending their days picking kachu leaves from the side of the road and pond and eating them boiled.

Das Para and Kahar Para, a pair of Ashwatthatala in Ward 9 of Baduria Municipality, got into a heated argument with the police all day on Wednesday demanding two handfuls of food during the corona crisis. Four policemen were injured in the clashes between the police and the villagers and several women and men were arrested in the area. The next day, on Thursday, when they entered the area, it was seen that a kind of man was shot dead.

The police patrol has been going on all night, the police of Baduria police station have been arranging picketing since morning. Some of the boys in the house have been arrested and some have fled the house. As soon as you enter the area, you can see the tears of the bereaved people and the cry for food. They do not know when their family members will return home. So they have appealed to the Chief Minister for help. Most of the people in this area are van drivers, rickshaw pullers or day laborers. But their work action off the drawn lockdown. Absolutely not that help. But they claim that all the help they got is over. Now they can't get food to earn a living. The people named in their streets.

Residents of Daspara and Kaharpara blocked the Basirhat-Bongaon road from 8 am on Wednesday demanding relief. Hundreds of villagers blocked the road with plates in hand. Local residents claim they are not getting proper relief. Being politically discriminated against. Police are also investigating whether there is any political conspiracy behind the blockade.