Baghdad's chat! Four people are sitting on the road inside the jungle, watch the video


BanglaHunt Desk: Surrounded by thick jungle. The chest of green has a smooth black wide pitch-road. And sitting on top of it are four weeping tigers. This scene has been spotted at the Satpura Forest in Madhya Pradesh (Madhya Pradesh). Someone got a visit to this 'Big Cat Family' out in the jungle safari. Then quickly picked up the video of the whole incident. There, it is seen, sitting on the road in the jungle, swearing by the hands of two tigers relaxing. The rest of the team, however, crossed the road and looked at the bushes to see if there was any danger.

Rabindra Mani Tripathi, IFS Officer Rabindra Mani Tripathi shared this video on Twitter. Sharing the video, he writes, “The family of the tigers are spending time together.” This 20 second video is now trending on Twitter. Guess this video was taken from a car. A woman has been heard saying again in the video to the driver of the car, “Grandpa take the car back for a while.”

This photo of the Baghdad meeting has already been viewed by thousands of people on Twitter. Like the flood of comments. Nowadays, however, the old video is a new trend of viral Twitter. However, it is not certain whether the video is old or new. Apart from IFS officer Rabindra Mani Tripathi, the video was shared by Baghdeer and another IFS officer, Ramesh Pandey. Sharing the video, he writes, however, that the occurrence of four tigers simultaneously on a forest road is not always the case. Rather, this scenario is quite rare. In the words of Ramesh Pandey, “A decade ago, such a scenario would not have been considered. However, it is seen nowadays. After the pench, emerald, taboda and milk, this time the Satpura team was also seen.

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