Bajal Ram's bhajan in Pakistan's online meeting on Kashmir! Violent viral video

viral video: Pakistan was holding an online meeting with Kashmir. And Indian hackers hacked that meeting and sang songs of Ram and Hanuman. The officials of the neighboring country are quite embarrassed about this. On the other hand, the video has gone viral and laughter has risen in this country. Netizens have started sharing one meme after another.

What happened? Representatives of several countries, including Pakistan, took part in the anti-India talks titled “72 Years of Indian Occupation of Kashmir”. The discussion meeting was live streaming on Facebook. During this meeting, an Indian hacker group hacked it. And continued the bhajan of Rama and Hanuman there. Even in the video, the hackers say we are Indians, we will kick you out.

The hackers interrupted the whole meeting by playing songs over and over again. Hanuman's song was hacked for the first time. After a while it was repeated ‘Ek hi nara, ek hi naam. Joy Sriram, Joy Sriram ৷ '. The negotiators became quite embarrassed by this harassment again and again. They are even told at the end of the video to let them know if there is a meeting again.

Needless to say, the video has gone viral since it was posted on social media. The Indians laughed and fell to the ground when they saw the plight of the haters of India including Pakistan. They are making fun of the neighboring country in one funny comment after another. Multiple memes have also been spread.