Bangalore: Two dead, 60 injured in Bangalore fire


The city of Bangalore witnessed a massive uproar over the Facebook post. Violence erupted in the city of Bangalore on Tuesday night. The allegation that a young man had made offensive posts about the Prophet Muhammad has angered the minority community over the issue.

The aggression was so widespread that vandalism was carried out in various parts of Bangalore city, crores of properties were destroyed. The young man accused of posting the offensive on Facebook is said to be the nephew of Congress MLA Akhand Srinivas Murthy.

More than a hundred members of the minority community rallied in front of the Congress MLA's house and pelted stones at his house. Akhand Srinivas Murthy is the MLA of Pulkeshi Nagar area of ​​North Bangalore.

The violence in Bangalore was so severe that it became extremely difficult to bring the situation under control even with the deployment of a large police force. It is learned that 60 police personnel were injured in the incident. It is also known that 2 people were killed in this violence.

The rabid mob attacked the police force, setting fire to several vehicles and vandalizing them. Section 144 is applicable in the area due to extreme harassment. The Karnataka Home Minister said, “No problem can be solved by vandalism. Additional police have been deployed in the area. Action will be taken against those involved in the incident. ”