Bangladesh hanged China, Sheikh Hasina's country will work together with India


BanglaHunt Desk: China, the country of Jinping, has always been notorious for its sweet face from the front and knife-wielding skills from the back. China has calmed many small countries by trapping them in debt. As the awareness of other countries towards China has increased in the international arena, this time the small countries do not want to fall into the trap of China.

Chinese President Jinping is gaining momentum to bring Bangladesh in the bag. Dragon could not take advantage of the anti-India attitude in Bangladesh. China is still skeptical about the approval of the coronavirus vaccine. But in the meantime, Bangladesh is leaning towards India.

Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Sringla is currently on a visit to Bangladesh. In the meantime, it is being heard that Bangladesh wants to be involved with India in the production of vaccines from Oxford University.

The two countries will discuss the corona vaccine

Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Sringla arrived in Bangladesh and held meetings with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on various issues. The coronavirus vaccine was also discussed at the meeting. Foreign Secretary Masood bin Momen said the corona vaccine would be discussed on Wednesday.

Bangladesh is leaning towards India

Synovac Biotech Limited was also in Bangladesh to test the third stage of the vaccine. Accordingly, the Bangladesh Medical Research Council, BMRC also approved the test of this vaccine on July 16. But due to problems with China's vaccine test, Bangladesh is now moving towards India.

India in doubt

Meanwhile, it is being speculated that as Bangladesh grows closer to China, it becomes a matter of concern for India. So in this situation Harshvardhan Shringlar is considered to be Bangladesh Saraf. Apart from meeting Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Harshvardhan Sringla will also meet External Affairs Minister AK Abdul Momen and State Minister for External Affairs Shahriar Alam. The Corona situation and vaccinations will also be discussed.