Bangladesh, India are weeping over onion, onion market is on fire to stop export

BanglaHunt Desk: Sheikh Hasina's country Bangladesh is currently weeping over onion. The price of onion has gone up from Tk 30 to Tk 100 per kg in Eklafe as India has stopped exporting. Besides Malaysia, Nepal and Sri Lanka are also on the list of deprived onions.

India bans onion exports

Compared to the last several years, this year has seen excessive rainfall across India. As most of the crop land is under water, onion yield like other crops has also been severely damaged. Therefore, to maintain the balance of onions in the country's market this year, the Indian government has imposed a ban on onion exports abroad.

Bangladeshis in crisis

This time Bangladesh is sinking after looking at India like a bird because of onions. Many people have lost their jobs due to the ongoing lockdown due to Corona. But in this crisis situation, the Indian government has stopped the export of onions.

Bangladesh is leaning towards Turkey

Bangladesh used to import about three and a half lakh tonnes of onions from India every year. But this time Bangladesh is leaning towards Turkey or other countries as it is closed. Bangladeshis bought onions at Tk 250 per kg as India had stopped onion exports in 2019. But what to do now?

How do we live!

In the words of a Bangladeshi cloth merchant, ‘Business is closed due to corona, many people have lost their jobs. In this situation, what will the people of Bangladesh survive by increasing the price of vegetables in the market? '