Bangladeshi actress Parimani sacrifices five cows on Eid-ul-Azha


Eid-ul-Azha is being celebrated all over the world today. This special festival is also called Eid of Sacrifice or Goat Eid. Every year, pictures of Goat Eid celebrations in different parts of the world go viral on social media. Goat Eid is one of the most celebrated in Bangladesh.
However, due to the corona this year, their pomp is much faded. Prayers and festivals are being observed in accordance with the rules of health. However, the popular actress of Bangladesh Porimoni (porimoni) did not abandon the coronary tradition. He sacrificed five cows at BFDC this year as every year.
Since 2016, this one of the most popular and successful artists of Upper Bengal has started sacrificing cows at BFDC for the benefit of his colleagues. He is still maintaining that tradition.

However, with the increase of the year, Parimani has also started increasing the number of sacrificial cows. Four cows were sacrificed last year. He sacrificed five this year. Wishing the fans a happy Eid, Parimani asked them to pray for her so that she can continue to perform sacrifices like this every year.
By the way, Parimani has tied the knot this year. Kamruzzaman Rony is a member and director of Patra Nagarik Natya Sampradaya. The official wedding of Ronnie and his girlfriend was held in Rajarbagh area of ​​Dhaka.
Parimani first started her career with modeling. He made his big screen debut with Shah Alam Mandal's 'Valbasa Seemahin'. So far, he has acted in several films, including small screen and big screen.