Bangladeshi doctors discovered corona drugs, claiming the test was successful on 60 people

BanglaHunt Desk: Bangladesh has not been freed from the harmful effects of corona virus. All the countries of the world are engaged in finding ways to protect themselves from this virus. Recently, a medical team in Bangladesh reported that they had discovered a cure for corona in a combination of two drugs. With the application of which corona (COVID-19) infected patients have also temporarily recovered.

A combination of the two drugs was discovered

This medical team of Bangladesh includes well-known doctors of the country. One of them, Dr. Mohammad Tareq Alam, a well-known physician, said, ‘Out of 60 corona patients, two drugs were mixed and applied. At present they are all healthy. These two drugs are an antibiotic called Doxycycline and a drug called Ivermectin.

No side effects

The number of corona cases in Bangladesh is about 22,000 and the death toll is about 320. Dr Mohammad Tareq Alam said, ‘My team applied these two combination drugs to some people who had shortness of breath at first and were corona positive. Within just 4 days of applying this medicine, the benefits started to show. And within 3 days, half of the patients were cured. After all, this disease has no side effects.

Research paper is being prepared

He also said that they want to gradually inform all the countries of the world about this drug. The team of doctors is jointly preparing a research paper, which will be published in an international journal. As a result, other doctors in the world will be able to know about the medical system in Bangladesh.

The right antidote will be found soon

Also, different countries have developed different antidotes for the prevention of corona virus, which have been temporarily cured but have not yielded complete results. It is hoped that the exact antidote to the deadly virus will be discovered later this year, the researchers said.