Bani-Kaushani, the hostage detainees together, the actress is leaked secret news!


BanglaHunt Desk: Now a video on YouTube is trending, 'Rhinoceros flower'. Video of this song sung by King and Pavel Dev is now rotating in the mouth. Tollywood actress Kaushaani Mukherjee made a video of the song this time. The actress was beaten on the roof of her house after being locked up in a lockdown.
In the video, he looks out the window. That is when the rhinoceros flower starts in the background. Kaushaani also continued acting in harmony with the song. In the video, he looks quite enamored with open hair. In the caption, he wrote, “By the end of this quarantine, I will probably be a full-fledged film.” He also states that he is at home in the lockdown like everyone else.

Boney Sengupta commented on sharing his video on his Instagram handle. She wrote, “Nobody gives credit to the videographer.” The actress also wrote in reply, 'But everybody knows that'. It should be noted that everyone in the Tollywood industry knows about the relationship between Bani and Kaushian. So it is important to say that the opportunity to spend such a long 20 days with each other that they will not leave.

Remarkably, since its release, the gendered flower has been divided into two parts with the netizens. According to the section, the song has become increasingly popular. Speaking of the other part, in the mindset of Bengali, the king was hurt. But in the midst of such controversy, the song continues to be practiced. Those who are passionate about getting a song that is not to be loved are very happy. Whether Jacqueline's dancestep is imitated or her own step, Bengali meets 'rhino flower'. From the star to the ordinary people are seen to match the rhythm of this song.

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