Banning Donald Trump in the face of huge losses on Twitter, the amount of losses is 5 billion dollars

Former US President Donald Trump's Twitter account has been shut down. This time Twitter is in the face of huge losses due to him Their share price fell 12%. As a result, their losses amount to about বিল 5 billion.

Donald Trump's Twitter account has been shut down by Twitter authorities

Donald Trump was reluctant to leave his seat even after losing the election. In no way did he want to hand over the White House to newly elected President Joe Biden. Washington DC was upset about this.

Trump supporters protested in front of the Capitol. By supporting Trump, they could in no way support Biden's victory. Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday, just as the House of Representatives and Senate were meeting after a series of street protests and rallies.

Trump supporters stormed in by force. There they clashed with the police. Tear gas is thrown. Four protesters were also killed in the clashes. Trump also shared those videos from all of his social media accounts to encourage his supporters.

Facebook authorities had previously shut down Trump's Facebook account for making violent posts. However, Twitter authorities said in a 12-hour statement that "three videos of violence in the capital have been ordered to be removed from Twitter immediately and Trump's Twitter account has been shut down for 12 hours." Otherwise the account will be closed permanently. Even the Instagram account was shut down for 24 hours. Twitter later shut down Trump's Twitter account.