Bats Myth: Are bats really blind? Know how true this thing is


Bats Myth: क्या चमगादड़ सच में अंधे होते हैं? जानें कितनी सच है ये बात

Bats Myth: Bats are generally considered to be blood-drinking creatures. Many types of misconceptions are spread in the society regarding this, one of which is that bats are blind, but do you know whether bats are really blind or not?

Are bats really blind?

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Bats Myth: Bat So you must have seen, which are usually seen in old ruins, forts and deserted buildings. They are very ugly and scary and this is the reason why different types of misconceptions are spread in the society regarding them. Many such films have been made in Hollywood, in which human bats have been shown, that is, such creatures, which are a mixed form of humans and bats. Such creatures are called vampires. vampire It is said that those who live by drinking human blood. although in reality vampires Like no other creature is found on earth. They are alive only in stories.

It is believed that more than 1000 species of bats are found in the world and it is also said that the existence of bats is from the time of dinosaurs, but dinosaurs have disappeared from the world forever, but Bats are still alive today. A common belief about bats is prevalent all over the world that they are blind and that is why they stick to one place, but do you know what is the truth? Are bats really blind?

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bats are not blind

Experts say that bats are not blind, but they can see everything. Although they usually sleep during the day and at night they fly in the sky in search of food.

This is how they find prey

It is said that it uses echo (echo) to find its prey.echo) are used. By the way, you hardly know that the way of eating food of different species of bats is different. Some bats eat insects, some eat fruits and flowers, while some bats live only by drinking blood.

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