Batsman takes two runs by fooling wicket keeper, kills Netpara by laughing after watching viral video

viral video: Many cricket field videos go viral on the internet. Many of these videos have gone viral with the help of catching netpara, from flying wickets like a bird, to taking a wicket in a formidable bowling. But this time the video that caught the eye of Netpara is completely different. The residents of the murder neighborhood laughed at the way the two batsmen took two runs by fooling the wicket keeper.

The T20 cricket match in the European cricket series was between Pakslona CC vs Catalonia Tigers. Something happened in the match that surprised everyone. Despite having the ball in the wicketkeeper's hands, Paxlona CC's batsmen cleverly stole two runs to draw the match. Which has gone wildly viral.

Pakselona needed three runs to win the match from the final delivery, but the batsman – Adult Ali missed the ball. Despite having the ball in the keeper's hand, he quickly took a run. The keeper's mind was disturbed a little thinking that he had won the match. After taking one run at this opportunity, the batsman went ahead for the second run from the bowling end and drew the match.

The wicketkeeper noticed the matter after a while and threw the ball towards the bowler, but the bowler could not run out. The commentators also laughed when they saw the fame of the batsmen. Since the video went viral, laughter has spread in Netpara. Netizens are making funny comments. Take a look at this very funny video