Bayern Munich, Germany's best football club, was put into practice in the midst of a coronary attack worldwide.


Korona Terror Across The Country But ignored by Korona Terror, the famous German football club Bayern Munich fell into practice. Like other clubs in Europe, the Corona virus has spread to Germany. Corona is already in terrible shape in Germany. More than one million people in Germany have been infected with the Corona virus. In such cases, notice was sent by the German government to every German football club so that until April 5 the clubs stopped all practice. Bayern Munich, one of Germany's best football clubs, began its first practice on that deadline.

The Kommans practice at Kingsley Monday morning. In keeping with the lockdown, Manuel Nair, Phillip Coutinhora, practiced this day in small groups. Naturally, no supporters have appeared in practice these days.

The Bundesliga has been shut down for the Corona virus since March 13, and no one knows when the league will start again. But whenever the league starts, Bayern Newnich does not want to be lax in its preparation. Bayern Munich was at the top of the league list at the time the league was closed. Bayern Munich are 4 points ahead of second-ranked Borussia Dotmund.

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