BCCI cleared huge salaries at the right time in the face of extreme financial crisis around the world.


Right now there are all kinds of sports stopping around the world for Corona. Cricket, not the exception, is the highest regulatory body in the world, the ICC has said. Due to the closure of cricket, various sports boards are facing severe financial crisis at the moment. The Indian Cricket Board is no exception. Despite the loss, the BCCI eliminated all the cricketers in the central contract.

In the case of Corona, at the moment all types of cricket are closed in India, in order to ensure that Indian cricketers do not fall into financial crisis in any way, the BCCI's salary was paid to all cricketers in the central contract. An official of the Indian Cricket Board said that we were ready to deal with any situation after announcing lockdown in India for Corona Voorhees. In this situation, the cricket boards of other countries are dependent on the government of their country but we have paid the quarterly salary of the cricketers.

The BCCI reports that at the moment, due to the Corona virus, cricket boards like England, Australia will pay their country's cricketers salaries, but we are not following that path and we have paid the salaries at the right time considering the cricketers. At the same time, the BCCI also reminds that if the IPL is not for Corona this time, the board will suffer a huge financial loss but we will not allow its influence on the cricketers.

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