BCCI is desperate to do IPL in any case to handle huge financial loss.


Right now, the Corona virus has spread across the globe. In India, the number of people infected with the corona virus is increasing in India. Although the IPL was supposed to start from March 29 due to the Corona virus, it was postponed to April 15. But the situation is moving towards the present, with the possibility of IPL starting on April 15. In such a situation, a BCCI official told BCCI that it would face huge financial loss.

It has been reported that if the IPL is not done then the financial loss of the BCCI will be like five thousand to seven thousand crore. That's why BCCI officials have started thinking about doing IPL by July, keeping in mind the sponsors and the IPL franchises.

Sourav Ganguly's board is thinking of doing IPL at that time if the cause of the Corona virus is delayed in this World Cup. It is also thought that IPL will be canceled at the time that the Asia Cup is likely to be canceled due to the Corona virus. If the situation is not favorable, then there is the possibility of IPL in the blank gallery. However, in any case, the BCCI is desperate to make the IPL.

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