BCCI officials are desperate to do IPL to avoid huge financial losses.


The number of coronary attacks is increasing slowly across the country, which is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced a second lockdown across the country. And as a result, the IPL is now in the face of questions. And that's why BCCI President Sourav Ganguly, Indian cricket team secretary Joy Shah and IPL chairman Brijesh Patel had a meeting yesterday with a video conference with the owners, broadcast companies and sponsors of each of the three IPL franchises. It was informed at the meeting that the IPL is not being canceled in any way, but this time the IPL is being suspended indefinitely keeping in view the situation of the country.

An IPL franchise official will face the news agency after a meeting with the Indian Cricket Board, saying BCCI will face more than Rs 4,000 crore financial loss if it is not IPL. On the other hand, IPL franchises will also suffer a lot of money. The board is not canceling the IPL at this time, keeping all these points in mind. However, the IPL has been suspended indefinitely because of the Corona virus.

Considering all the financial loss, the officials of the Indian Cricket Board have jumped in their full strength to make the IPL right now. Even the BCCI will talk to the ICC for the IPL, according to special sources. BCCI will appeal to the ICC if the tournament can be postponed at any time between the T20 World Cup or the Asia Cup. Now it remains to be seen how the BCCI can convince the ICC to do so.

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