BCCI pours water on Sri Lanka Cricket Board's proposal to host IPL


The number of coronas in India is increasing right now, with the rest of the world. In this situation, BCCI has said that the life of people is getting worse than cricket, hence this time the IPL has been suspended indefinitely by the BCCI. There has been doubt about whether the IPL will be formed this year or not. In such a case, the Sri Lankan Cricket Board had suggested to the BCCI that they are ready to host the IPL this year if the BCCI wants it. But the Indian Cricket Board's officials rejected the Sri Lankan Cricket Board's proposal.

The IPL was expected to start this year from March 29. But for the coroner, lockdown has been announced across the country by the central government. And that is why it was decided to postpone the IPL till April 15. But at the moment the situation in the country is getting worse so the second round of lockdown is taking place across the country, and in such a situation the BCCI has adjourned the IPL indefinitely after an emergency meeting.

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board has claimed that the number of coronas in Sri Lanka is much lower than India. That is why any situation in India before Sri Lanka will be normal. So the Sri Lankan Cricket Board wrote to the BCCI asking them to organize IPL in their country. From then on, the fierce speculation about the IPL will be held in Sri Lanka. But to this day, an official of the BCCI poured water into all those ideas. He pointed out that while the Corona virus has been pandemic for the entire world, standing at that stage, the BCCI is not thinking about these proposals at the moment.

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