Be careful! Big danger is coming towards the world! NASA warned

Bangla Hunt Desk: The whole world is fighting against Corona. In the meantime, NASA scientists have predicted that an asteroid from space could land on Earth just one day before the US presidential election on November 3. According to statistics, this asteroid has a 0.41 percent chance of colliding with Earth. According to a CN report, NASA scientists predict that the 0.002 km (about 6.5 feet) asteroid 2018VP1 will be very close to Earth the day before the US presidential election.

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The asteroid was first identified in 2016 by Palomer Observatory in California. NASA says there could be three possible effects on this asteroid collision. However, the US space agency has determined an interval of 12.98 days based on 21 observations. According to their research, the collision of this asteroid will not have a very profound effect on the earth.

Earlier last week, a four-wheeled asteroid passed very close to Earth. The most surprising thing is that after the asteroid came close to the Earth, scientists came to know about it. NASA said the asteroid passed 2,950 km over the South Indian Ocean around 9:38 pm Indian time on Sunday.

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Let me tell you, many asteroids travel a safe distance from Earth. Most of the time their distance is more than the distance of the moon from the earth. But the asteroid that is coming towards the earth in November will either hit the earth or it will be very close.

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