Be careful! Pakistan has created a fake cure bridge app, Indian intelligence has warned the army


BanglaHunt Desk: Pakistan has not stopped its anti-India activities even in the Corona situation. Sources said that Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI could carry out terrorist activities by making fake arogya setu app, hacking the phones of Indian soldiers and stealing information.

India's intelligence agency has warned the army and paramilitary forces that an app similar to Arogya Bridge has been developed by Pakistan's intelligence agency. Which is capable of stealing secret information of Indian troops. They should not fall prey to this persuasion in any way, be careful when using mobile.

Arogya Bridge cannot be downloaded in any way by clicking on the link in WhatsApp or SMS message. It is also forbidden to download the Face Dot APK, IMO Dot APK, Normal Dot APK, Trucy Dot APK, Snap Dot APK and Viber Dot APK in any way. Just instructed to download this app from the Play Store.

Corona-infected people can be easily identified through the Arogya setu app. The cure bridge app was launched to avoid and protect the corona epidemic. More than two crore people have downloaded this application released by the government in just one week. The number has exceeded 50 million in 13 days.

It will be connected via smartphone. This app will start working when you turn on Bluetooth and data by turning on the location of the smartphone. If a person comes in contact with a person affected by any corona, it will be known through this app. Again, if a corona-infected person comes within 6 feet of a healthy person, this app will start working for him.

If the healing bridge user is in the “high risk zone” then that app will suggest to check if there is corona now. In addition, this app will give information about the methods to be followed to stay away from corona virus.