Beautiful gorilla dressing in red lipstick after new dress, jewelry, tumultuous viral video

viral video: Thousands of videos go viral on Netdunia every day. Many of these videos are about animals and birds. But recently a video of a crow is going viral on social media, which you will not believe your eyes. Beautiful gorilla is wearing red lipstick after new clothes and jewelry. This funny video has gone viral in Netpara

Science says that humans originated from monkeys or gorillas. Naturally, the man must have some similarities with his northern man. Earlier, gorillas have been seen feeding fish or wearing clothes. But the video that went viral recently is completely new.

A beautiful gorilla is seen in the viral video. She has put on a shiny new dress. Earrings and crowns on her head are exactly like the queen. But if you don't have a little lipstick on the queen's lips. So after completing all the outfits, she is busy applying red tuktuk lipstick.

The video went viral as soon as it was posted on social media. Already seen 3 million netizens. They are making funny comments. Many say she is beautiful enough. Again, many are having fun by tagging their girlfriends in this video.