How to become popular on YouTube : real ways to attract subs

YT is actually the most important video hosting for promoting yourself or your brand. The audience of this site is growing every year, the number of user videos is added every day, and the media community of celebrities is expanding. And each of us sooner or later thinks about how cool it would be to have your own Youtube channel and become a famous user. But many people are stopped by the thought that their channel will not be in demand because the competition is high. However, we must remember that popular people also started their way up from the very bottom.

These methods have not changed over the years. Those who do not have the financial means to promote their creativity use methods such as conducting live broadcasts or mutual PR. Other bloggers who want to gain subscribers quickly and efficiently buy ads from popular influencers or are looking for ways to buy real youtube subscribers. There are a lot of methods to attract followers, but how do you know which one is best for you? Let’s talk about it!

Before you start learning how to attract the attention of potential spectator

to your account, make sure that your page is ready.  You need to understand that users will not be interested in you if :

– You don’t have a specific theme

– The name of your channel is not memorable and concise

– Your videos are of poor quality

– You release content irregularly

– There is no script in your videos and they are not interesting

– You don’t have your own “highlight”

Analyze each of these points and make sure that these theses are not about you.

If you are sure that you have something to attract the attention of the subs, your channel is filled with interesting videos, and viewers will be able to get aesthetic pleasure from the content, we can begin to analyze the methods of attracting.


How to drum up users without investing money.

Stream or online broadcasts. Streaming is one of the most effective methods of video promotion. Consumers pay attention to those bloggers who often conduct such interactivity because they have the opportunity to communicate with you directly. However, this method will suit you if you are very charismatic, know how to communicate with people, always find a common language with them, and know-how to improvise. People will be interested in your broadcast and will go to the channel to watch the video.

Mutual PR. The society of beginners in video blogging is very extensive. You may even have met similar groups on social networks. Users post links to their channels and mutually subscribe to each other, comment on videos, and even talk about each other on their channels. Using this method, you can promote your page, but it’s worth remembering that you literally share your audience with other novice content makers.

Free promotion methods are popular among novice bloggers, but, unfortunately, many people give up because it is very difficult to gain a large number of followers in a short time. You try and do everything in order to get your portion of fame, but your luck is spotty.

Methods of promotion that require money costs.

Buying advertising from celebrities. An effective, but often very expensive way of promotion. You can buy advertising from a popular video maker, he will tell you and your work on his channel, and this will increase your awareness on media platforms. However, in order for the ad to work correctly, you need to follow some rules. For example, be sure to look at what advertising campaigns the user has already conducted, so you can understand whether you will pay for empty words that will not attract subscribers in any way. Also, analyze the blogger’s audience to see if they will be interested in your content.

Purchase of subs. This method is considered inexpensive and effective, but it should be approached very carefully. Many newcomers to video blogging are wondering where and how they can buy youtube subscribers. Why is the number of subscribers important? Everything is simple. If many people are interested in you (that is, there are many subscribers on your channel), the level of trust and loyalty to you increases. In addition, your page will be more competitive and occupies high positions on the platform. There are many companies in the online market that offer such services, but not all of them are honest with their customers. There are scammers among such companies, so before buying, carefully study all user reviews and analyze the company.

Make your dreams come true, act if you want to achieve success. Implement methods in your work and combine them with each other, and then luck will surely smile on you!